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Halloween House Party!

Three young women in a halloween goth getup

09 Nov 2018

All the monsters and ghouls of NYC gathered on Hallow’s eve to party their pants off, here’s a recap of the night brought to you by The Flower Shop and our dear friends Unemployed Magazine and Milk. A frightening nod goes out to Brianna Lance, Jamie Biden and unexpectedly Helena Tejedor for bringing us the sounds that kept us going into the eve... check out the videos and photos below!

Unemployed & The Flower Shop present Halloween House Party in association with MILK (90 sec) from Lofty Entertainment on Vimeo.

Hannah Holman

Mazdack Rassi, David Schwimmer, Luke Flynn

Helena Tejedor, Cecile Winckler

Dylan Hales, Ronnie Flynn

Will Tisch, Grace Tisch 

Nur Khan

Josh Zickert, Josh Hughs, Jamie Biden




Sarah Stephens

Luke Cleary, Max Robinson, Anthony Ferrara

Will Tisch, Grace Tisch 

Elizabeth Kranz, Emily Buckner

Louise du Toit, Zara Zachrisson

The Foodie Magician

Alexa Chung, Alex Skarsgård

Awash, Noot Sear

Morgan Collett, Lola McDonnel

Mina Cvetkovic

Jack Fardell, Ronnie Flynn

Brad Zipper

Noah Mills

Jack Fardell

Hilary Tisch


Josh Zickert, Hannah Holman


Mazdack Rassi


Dylan Hales, Scarlett Schoeffling

Sophie Potts

´╗┐Video by Raymond Chu

Photography by BFA’s Madison Voelkel and Milk’s Yasmine Diba.