FLS Revisited: Where We Started & Where We’re Headed

In 2017, entrepreneurs Ronnie Flynn and Dylan Hales set out to blend the spirit of Australian pubs with the chic of New York City’s downtown scene. As a result, The Flower Shop was born, a fusion of retro aesthetics and contemporary charm nestled in the heart of the Lower East Side. With a nod to ’70s nostalgia and a dash of urban sophistication, The Flower Shop quickly became a local favorite, drawing in a diverse crowd hungry for great food and drinks – and even better vibes.

The Name

The name flows from the idea that, in small towns, the florist or the flower shop was the unofficial town hall; they always knew who was dating, getting married, having fallen ill, celebrating, or cheating because people would come for flowers. That’s what you’ll find at The Flower Shop. It’s a place with an atmosphere that’s kind of intimate in a city where it feels like no one knows your name.

The Space

Start at the bar and sneak to the basement; you’ll find a retro-cool crowd drinking beer, playing pool, and spilling the tea among posters of Crocodile Dundee and ’NSync, floral upholstery, and a bubblegum pink fireplace. The decor is a mash-up of the best of every era; it attracts a diverse crowd from all walks of life; without the red rope, clout-chasing bullshit that put a damper on a night out in the city. Spot a snapback and sandals. It’s whatever.

What They’re Into

Meaningful collaborations, pop-up markets with local artists, and a growing community of like-minded individuals. Wholesome pub favorites that are a little too good to be served in what looks like your cool uncle’s basement.

Looking Ahead: The Next Chapter

What’s next for The Flower Shop? It’s safe to say the future looks bright. From expanding their reach to new exciting collaborations, keep your eyes open for their next destination – another shot taken to celebrate their growing list of ventures. But hush, we won’t tell if you don’t. Just grab a drink, stay up to date, and when you know, you’ll know where to go and where.