From Down Under to NYC: The Flower Shop’s Australian Roots


New York took a holiday and traveled back in time. It came back with The Flower Shop – a unique restaurant and bar in downtown Manhattan. The concept blends laid-back Aussie watering holes with American diner nostalgia – giving us something we never knew we needed. It has no guestlist, just good intentions, with a relaxed atmosphere and 70s-inspired interiors that would make your cool uncle proud.


Australian Roots, New York Flavor

Founded by ex-pat duo Ronnie Flynn and Dylan Hales, The Flower Shop mixes Australian hospitality with New York soul. It’s a time capsule – an NYC retro bar and restaurant with an upstairs bar and downstairs basement. You’ll feel like you’re at a house party a couple of decades ago, with food, drinks, and a crowd that’ll keep you longer than you planned.

The Menu

Think wholesome pub food that doesn’t suck. The Flowershops Cheeseburger is great with a pint and even better with a side of bacon and cheese-topped Disco Fries. You can always opt for scotch eggs and crispy wings while you down a couple of cocktails or a selection of refreshing brews. Still, the comforting cuisine has an upmarket, NYC edge. Test the waters with meat-free dishes like cauliflower steak drizzled with tahini. Hey, there’s even oysters. Cool.

The Vibe

The basement vibe transports you back to old-school parties, where the dim lights, decor, and laid-back atmosphere make you feel right at home. Visit the rumpus room, a cozy lounge with a jukebox, pool table, and sunken fireplace – and connect like people used to – in real-time and IRL.


Laid-Back & Low-Key

Whether you’re craving a taste of home or looking to experience something new, this unique restaurant and bar captures the essence of Australian hospitality. But this time, it’s in the heart of NYC. Come for the food, stay for the vibe, and immerse yourself in the down-under influence that sets The Flower Shop apart.

Oh, and maybe check your phone to see if it’s still 2024 before you leave.