Something’s Cooking at The Flower Shop


What is New American-style food, really? The definition itself is debatable. Some say it’s a type of fusion: internationally borrowed flavors creatively prepared, grilled, roasted, fried (the list goes on), turning food on its head and into something new.

Whatever this cuisine’s definition or history, it has found its home in NYC – and our favorite Lower Manhattan restaurants have a diverse crowd of diners happily digging in.

The Classics 2.0

This type of food is not traditionally fancy; it simply mixes different ingredients and puts a new spin on dishes. Consider it a twist on classic recipes involving unique appetizers, lots of delicious veggies, and updated takes on old flavors alongside extra decadent side dishes.

Looks Good, Tastes Better

It’s true what you heard: this Lower Manhattan restaurant is plating dishes that you almost feel bad digging into. This New American food is simple but intentionally presented – and as delicious as it looks.

It’s a place where talented, interesting, young, and creative folk can come together and relax, with the perks of a menu that brings you elevated takes on classics. Top it with a salad or a plate of disco fries, and round it off with some chocolate molten cake for dessert.


Something Different at this Lower Manhattan Restaurant

What’s awesome about modern NYC is its diversity of choice – have a beer, have a cocktail, or have a glass of wine, and enjoy your meal in a setting that embodies the cultural melting pot of NYC. Whether it’s for after-work drinks or a late-night meal to keep you going through the night, feel free to pull through whenever.

Watch this space for upcoming events, or explore our online menu to dig in at this downtown NYC restaurant. Good food, great people, and awesome vibes all around.