Weeknights at a Lower Manhattan Restaurant: A Guide


The Flower Shop is a hangout promising ice-cold beer, sexy cocktails, delicious food, and great vibes. Since the opening of this Chinatown hideaway, owners Ronnie Flynn and Dylan Hales have stuck to their word: This is where you go to have a bloody good time, see some of your mates, meet new ones, and drink and eat while listening to the soundtrack of your life (big up to the chef).

Why Weeknights Out Are In

Tired of the weekend running around to find a tiny spot at the bar? Looking for a chilled night out, where the real estate isn’t the battle you want to fight, you have to plan your weeks better and come to this weeknight spot. Not too busy, but definitely not too quiet. It’s the perfect mix of, can “I get another drink, barman” without waiting 20 minutes, and meeting a hottie without it being so quiet that everyone can hear your pickup lines.

What Nights Are The Best?

Mondays and Wednesdays are great for those looking to dodge crowds and avoid queues. It’s definitely the best time to get a win for the “reservation game” we all have to plan on the weekends with the Lower Manhattan restaurants. It means you can enjoy your meal a little more slowly, get cozy, and catch up without having to wake up in the morning with a sore throat from shouting.

Your Next Weeknight Experience

New York City can be both a big city and a small town at the same time. The Flower Shop was designed to be a place where everyone knows your name, and where everyone’s treated the same. The people who come here are the reason why it’s so loved as one of the best restaurants in Lower Manhattan. Weeknights are how you plant your flag and go from tourist to local. What are you waiting for? Here is your invite….